V””V Everyone I Know Has Fangs V””V

26 01 2010

Self Potrait

Professionally: I’m Brock, a 22-year-old Multimedia Design major at UW-Stout. I’m focusing on Video and Narratives, and would love to work on advertising in the future. That has made me start to consider getting a marketing degree after I graduate from here.

I took Drawing III because, well I enjoy drawing/mark-making. it was the first form of “art” that I did, and I’m sure it will stick with me forever. It will help me out when I find a job a lot; I’ll be quicker and more accurate with sketches and this class will help to push my skill in creativity.


Now that I’ve gotten all the formal stuff out of the way, time for the fun me! I would fist have to describe myself as a musician, I’ve played drums for 12 years now, and its still my instrument of choice. I also play bass and mess around with any instrument I can get in my hands. Photography has recently become a favorite pass-time, all though, not so much in these wintery months. Other than that, the basics; hanging out with friends, video games, a good night out on the town.




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