First Critique

14 02 2010

This assignment was to take photos down a journey/path that we take almost everyday. I choose a very basic path, from my house to the Applied Arts Building. I ended up with a bunch of pictures of signs without even planning on a “theme” or anything like that. This is from a house that’s in all right condition, I guess. The ‘FOR SALE” sign is just jammed into the edge of the widow seal. Personally, I’m surprised that it just sticks in there and stays.  The pattern come from streaching (using photoshop)  a heat shield from a semi-truck’s exhaust (I’m not sure if it actually a heat shield, that’s just what I’m classing it.) here are the source pictures:

GrateFor Rent

For the most part, people seemed to enjoy the main subject (the sign) and how I treated it. A few comments we’re made about the extreme whiteness in the upper left corner of the sign, and I agree that I shouldn’t have left it that white. I’m really pleased with my lettering; it seems to be one of the things I’m never happy with in a piece. I’m interested in incorporating more text into my works in the future.

There was much debate about the pattern. Some people though it gave an interesting separation form “just a sign on a house,” others though it was too distracting and the rest of the piece is strong enough without it. I’d have to agree with the No-Pattern group. Initially it was a great idea, but getting every circle to be exactly the same is tough; and now it just looks somewhat messy. But don’t get me wrong here, overall I’m very happy with my finished product.




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6 03 2010
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