19 05 2010

Everyday Monsters is an exploration into seeing out world in a child like manor. A Child’s mind in boundless; they have the ability to see things adults pass by. By taking these building and turning them into monsters, I hope to bring back that sense of creativeness and wonder that we lose or pay less attention to as we grow older. Kids have the most fun, why can’t adults too!

I took pictures of structures that I pass on a regular basis. The robots on the far right were the inspiration for this series; while driving back to Menomonie form Minnesota, these rising mechanisms for the train bridge caught my eye and I instantly though “those look like robots!” from there I found that almost any structure could be turned into a monster of some kind. These are photos, with the monsters printed on mylar, then laid over the top. It helps separate the two “worlds” and brings more focus to monsters I have created.

I plan on making many more of these. Ideally, I want to travel everywhere and have these broken up by states/countries. These all fall into the Monsters of Wisconsin series, they were taken in Prescott and Menomonie.




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