19 05 2010

Beauty displays the juxtaposition between beauty and danger. It started out as just a live model sketch, and I enjoyed it as it was, but felt it needed something more to fit into my style. With the addition of the text “DANGEROUS!” the piece started to take a whole new meaning, but still didn’t feel finished. Taking a page form my Stanley Donwood emulation, I wanted to incorporate an animal, but wasn’t sure what help push my concept. Though research of the world’s most dangerous animals, hippopotamuses kept showing up. Apparently they kill more humans per year than sharks, which surprise me. With hippos be such beautiful creatures and having a high ranking on the dangerous list, I had found my animal. I wanted to give the effect of the figure wearing the head as a mask or helmet type object, so I have it layered on top of the paper giving slight detention to the piece.




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